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Here is what people said about last year's tour:


The students were well prepared and confident. We got to see an abundance classrooms! Yay! We could feel the positive school culture and pride. The presence of an adult staff member was an excellent addition. The student leaders could do their thing, but they also had backup for tough questions.

We were just super impressed by the campus overall - the level of warmth from both students and staff, the amount of diversity of students, diversity of programs in each path, and the resources available to students made this our first choice high school. I was also incredibly impressed with the student ambassadors!


The vast majority of staff/student interactions that I witnessed were positive and supportive, and I witnessed much more on this tour than any other.

The Oakland high school tour was the best of all we attended. We live in the neighborhood but never considered it because we didn’t have exposure to it. I thought the student leaders were excellent and the teachers were warm and inviting. I really liked the layout of the campus. It appeared the students felt supported by their teachers, and I liked all the opportunities for kids looking for more out of their high school experience.

Oakland High Students sitting outside on a bench in their Oakland High swag