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SSC By-Laws

Oakland High School

By-Laws for School Site Council (SSC) 


Section I:   The purpose and duties of the SSC:

  1. Review and approve the proposed Single Plan for Student Achievement, including the budget. 

  2. Provide ongoing review of the implementation of the plan, making modifications to the plan whenever the need arises.

  3. Submit the modified plan to the Office of Accountability whenever a material change is made in planned activities or related expenditures.

  4. Semi-annually evaluate the progress made toward school goals to raise the achievement of all students.

  5. Accept the responsibilities of the  School Advisory Council (SAC), if that council so requests. 


Section II:   Records of the SSC

The following records relating to the SSC are to be kept in the school’s main office:

  1. A roster of persons selected/elected to the SSC with name and email address (as provided by the SSC members).

  2. The schedule and information on content of training activities for SSC members.

  3. A schedule of dates and locations of SSC meetings.

  4. Announcements, agendas, sign-in sheets, and minutes of each SSC meeting.


Section III:   Membership

A. Composition of the SSC

  1. The Council shall be constituted to ensure parity between (a) the principal, classroom teachers, and other school personnel; and (b) equal numbers of parents and students.

  2. At Oakland High, the membership of this committee shall not exceed __10__. 

    1. 50% will be school staff: Principal, 3 classroom teachers, and 1 classified staff

    2. 50% will be 3 parents/community members, and 2 students

  3. SSC members representing parents and/or other community members shall not be employees of the school.


B. Election Procedure

  1. Classroom teachers will be elected at the first Faculty meeting of the year, by their peers.

  2. One support/classified staff member will be elected by the support/classified staff at a meeting or other form of general consent.

  3. Parents/community members will be elected at a publicized open meeting prior to or during the September SSC meeting. 

  4. Student members will be elected as determined by student government and or by attending SSC meetings and expressing interest and being on SSC.

  5. Members may be re-elected and serve more than one term so long as they meet SSC membership requirements (i.e. parent of a student and not employed at the school, etc.)


C.  Term of Membership

  1. Members:

    1. Adults shall serve for a term of  two (2) years

    2. Students shall serve a minimum of one (1) year

  2. Officers: 2 year terms

  3. Resignation: Any member may resign by filing a written letter of resignation with the Council Chairperson & Principal. 

  4. Vacancies shall be filled by:

  1. An elected member of the respective parity group and/or

  2. Election of a replacement member (by the parity group) to complete the current term

5.) Cause & procedures for termination of membership:

  1. Cause: For four (4) unexcused absences of regularly scheduled meetings or for other irregularities in conduct

  2. Procedure: After discussion, a vote of the majority of the quorum has to be present


D. Voting Rights:

  1. Each member is entitled to one (1) vote

  2. Absentee votes are not permitted

  3. Quorum: A majority of the membership (6), including at least one (1) parent/community member


Section IV:    Officers of the SSC

A. The officers of the SSC shall be a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, and a secretary.

1. Chairperson.  The chairperson shall:

  1. preside at all meetings of the council 

  2. sign all letters, reports, and other communications of the council 

  3. perform all duties incident to the office of chairperson 

  4. have other duties as may be prescribed by the council

2. Vice-Chairperson. The Vice Chairperson shall:  

  1. represent the chairperson in assigned duties 

  2. substitute for the chairperson during their absence

3. Secretary.  The secretary shall:

  1. keep minutes of all regular and special  meetings of the council 

  2. transit true and correct copies of the minutes of such meetings to members of the council

  3. keep a register of the name, address, telephone number and email address of each member of the council, as furnished by these persons

  4. perform other  duties as are assigned by the chairperson or by the council. 

  5. maintain the records of the SSC including the schedule of dates and locations of the SSC meetings, announcements, agendas, sign-in sheets (if in person), and  minutes of each SSC meeting.

4. Parliamentarian (optional), to resolve questions of procedure based on Roberts Rules of Order


B. Committees:

The council may establish and abolish standing or special sub-committees to perform duties as prescribed by the council, but not exercise the authority of the council.


Section V:   Meetings

A. Regular meeting information:

  1. Day: third (3rd) Thursday of each month

  2. Time: 5:30-7:00 pm 

  3. Location: 

Join Zoom Meeting 

Meeting ID: 846 1416 7327

Passcode: ZSmOIG2u


B. Special meetings: may be called by the Chairperson or a majority of members, with 72 hours notice.


C. All meetings must adhere to the Green Act:

  1. Must be open to the public for discussion and or debate by any person present at the meetings

  2. Must be a public posting of the meeting and agenda at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting via website, marquee, Parent Square, email and or flyers. 

  3. Non voting members can speak and participate in the discussions.


Section VI: ByLaws


May be amended/changed by a 2/3 majority of quorum present


The ByLaws of the SSC were approved on _____9/21/2023__________________________.


____Shelley Gonzalez______________________                         _______Pamela Moy___________

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