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Benefits of Girls Playing Sports

25 Benefits of Girls Playing Sports

Compiled by the Women's Sports Foundation 2009.
Copyright (c)Women's Sports Foundation

  1. Sports are FUN.
  2. Girls and women who play sports have a more positive body image than girls and women who don't participate.
  3. Girls who participate in sports have higher self-esteem and pride in themselves.
  4. Research suggests that physical activity is an effective tool for reducing the symptoms of stress and depression among girls.
  5. Playing sports teaches girls how to take risks and be aggressive.
  6. Sport is where girls can learn goal-setting, strategic thinking and the pursuit of excellence in performance and other achievement-oriented behaviors—critical skills necessary for success in the workplace.
  7. Playing sports teaches math skills.
  8. Sports help girls develop leadership skills.
  9. Sports teach girls teamwork.
  10. Regular physical activity in adolescence can reduce girls' risk for obesity.
  11. Physical activity appears to decrease the initiation of cigarette smoking in adolescent girls.
  12. Research suggests that girls who participate in sports are more likely to experience academic success and graduate from high school than those who do not play sports.
  13. Teenage female athletes are less than half as likely to get pregnant as female non-athletes (5% and 11%, respectively).
  14. Teenage female athletes are more likely to report that they had never had sexual intercourse than non-athletes (54% and 41%).
  15. Teenage female athletes are more likely to experience their first sexual intercourse later in adolescence than female non-athletes.
  16. High school sports participation may help prevent osteoporosis.
  17. Women who exercise report being happier than those who do not exercise.
  18. Women who exercise believe they have more energy and felt they were in excellent health more often than non-exercising women.
  19. Women who are active in sports and recreational activities as girls feel greater confidence in their physical and social selves than those who were sedentary as kids.
  20. Women who exercise miss fewer days of work.
  21. Research supports that regular physical activity can reduce hyperlipidemia (high levels of fat in blood).
  22. Recreational physical activity may decrease a woman's chance of developing breast cancer.
  23. Women who exercise weigh less than non-exercising women.
  24. Women who exercise have lower levels of blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides and have lower blood pressure than non-exercising women
  25. Regular exercise improves the overall quality of life.