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Our Mission

The purpose of the Teacher Instructional Leadership Team is to develop and implement the school’s instructional program by establishing goals, providing high-quality professional development, the modeling of best practices, and evaluating student learning through cycles of inquiry. Members engage in a rigorous, transparent and reflective process, to create a culture of collaboration and learning amongst all that improves outcomes for the whole student.

Our Members

Title Name
Principal Pamela Moy

Assistant Principal

David Granzotto

Assistant Principal

Jennifer Howard

Assistant Principal

Celeta Hunter

Assistant Principal

Christopher Johnston

Assistant Principal

Rita Skyers

Pathway Coach

Tiffany Jordan

Art Department Chair

Tiffany Allen

Computer Science Department Chair

Thomas Wooding

English Department Chair

Lara Trale

Math Department Chair

Anna Sochynsky

Physical Education Department Chair

Oddessey Blide

Science Department Chair

Sarah Pallito

Social Science Department Chair

Kajal Chowdhury

Special Education Department Chair

Andy Marshall-Buselt

World Languages Department Chair

Jose Espinoza

ESA Director

M. Fields or A. Berkins

IDEA Director

Miriam Perlmutter

LSJ Director

Kajal Chowdhury

PHA Director

Suzanne LeBaron

RISE Director

David Tommasini

VAAMP Director

Robert Smith