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Program of Study

VAAMP Student Learning Outcomes

VAAMP Graduates...

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Effectively communicate with both clients and each other to collaborate on projects that incorporate client specifications with their personal style.

Responsibly manage their time, from draft to final product. Students will understand the management elements of a project, including: financial budgeting, delineation of work, backwards planning, and being responsive to stakeholders.

Are familiar with a variety of artists, art forms, mediums, methods, history and culture. They analyze, respond to, and discuss artwork, including their own.

Make intentional artistic decisions while creating art for self-expression and innovation. Utilizing technical career skills, they practice with many art mediums and create a portfolio that articulates their personal style. They are able to market themselves as artists and professionals.

Analyze art with support of research. Their learning will be demonstrated through formal written and oral means using art-specific and academic language.

Are socially conscious and community minded.

VAAMP Course Sequence

10th 11th 12th
Introduction to Art & Design

Intermediate Digital Art


Intermediate Visual & Commercial Art

Advanced Digital Art


Advanced Visual & Commercial Art

World History US History US Government & Economics
English 2 English 3 English 4
Geometry by Design Constructing Algebra 2 Senior Seminar

*Courses listed above are academy courses, meaning students are required to take these courses with academy teachers. Students take an additional four courses (science, world language, dual enrollment college courses, or other electives) outside of the academy.  All courses students take (both required courses and other unique electives) satisfy A-G college requirements.