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Program of Study

LSJ Student Learning Outcomes

Critical Thinking

Can analyze issues to understand the root causes of social inequities and how to organize for social change in their schools, community and lives.

Leadership & Civic Engagement

Are skilled at navigating systems of power to advocate for innovative solutions and to educate and empower others.

Communication & Collaboration

Can effectively communicate and collaborate with diverse groups of people to make connections and build alliances.

Organizing & Activism Skills

Can implement a strategic action plan to achieve a specific goal.

Social Emotional Awareness

Are self-reflective life-long learners who are aware of their own biases and show empathy for others.

College & Career Readiness

Are knowledgeable about careers in law, social work, education, and public service through participation in field trips, guest speakers, and internships.

LSJ Course Sequence

10th 11th 12th

Youth and the Law

Development of American Justice

Social Justice in Action

World History US History

US Government & Economics

English 2 English 3

English 4

Forensic Biology Chemistry


    Senior Seminar

*Courses listed above are academy courses, meaning students are required to take these courses with academy teachers. Students take an additional four courses (math, world language, dual enrollment college courses, or other electives) outside of the academy.  All courses students take (both required courses and other unique electives) satisfy A-G college requirements.