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Program of Study

IDEA Student Learning Outcomes

IDEA Graduates...

  • embrace diverse risks and utilize the resilience and curiosity necessary to persevere through any related challenges.
  • communicate with clarity and precision in a variety of modalities and through diverse technological mediums.
  • adapt to and learn the latest technological standards in the industry through hands on creative modeling and design solutions.
  • demonstrate leadership abilities and professional readiness, and establish a portfolio of STEM experiences and artifacts.
  • are critical thinkers who use the engineering design process to explore and solve everyday life, workplace, and community problems.
  • work skillfully in diverse learning environments, value collaboration, and engage with the community.

IDEA Course Sequence

10th 11th 12th
Introduction to Engineering & Design Universal Design 1

Universal Design 2

World History US History US Government & Economics
English 2 English 3 English 4
Chemistry Physics Senior Seminar
  AP Computer Science Principles  

*Courses listed above are academy courses, meaning students are required to take these courses with academy teachers. Students take an additional four courses (math, world language, dual enrollment college courses, or other electives) outside of the academy.  All courses students take (both required courses and other unique electives) satisfy A-G college requirements.